What our clients have to say.

From our Brides


“Carley did a FANTASTIC job of helping my now-husband and I coordinate our wedding. We didn't have the typical day, with vendors and a caterer. Instead, our wedding was a collaborative effort of family and friends--several relatives made the food, many more friends helped in the kitchen and with clean-up, the parties spent well over eight hours setting up the day before. In a word, it was intense. And all of this for 140+ guests. But Carley did a great job of catching sight of the small details, keeping things flowing, and relieving me (the bride) of much of my pre-wedding and actual wedding stress. It was such a blessing to relax as we dressed the morning of, knowing that Carley and other friends were taking care of the last-minute details before the ceremony, and it was a blessing to unwind during the reception, knowing that the details of that were in good hands as well. In short, if you desire peace-of-mind on your big day, a wedding planner is a must. And if you want a team who will do their best to ensure your day is spectacular, I know from my big day that Carley will do their absolute best to ensure that.” -Angelina

“Carley Event Consulting went above and beyond our expectations. From the start, their attention to detail gave us a good reason to relax. We had such a great time meeting with them, and know that they really considered everything we wanted for our wedding. It was such a joy to have them as part of our big day, and they made us feel great about simply enjoying ourselves! Thank you Carley for making our wedding-day go so smoothly! -Jaime

“Deciding to use Carley Event Consulting was one of the best decisions I made as a DIY bride! Not only were they incredibly professional, organized, and prompt--they were also an absolute dream to work with creativity-wise. From the moment our first consultation began, they picked up on the vision we were going for our wedding and ran (sprinted!) with it. They created a Pinterest board for all of us to post to, provided us with a huge variety of vendors to choose from, and worked very hard to keep things within our budget--which to a DIY, budget bride, was absolutely vital. While I only booked them as day-of coordinators, they went above and beyond their call of duty to make our day special and worry-free. They rolled with the punches (including calling in a trash company for us the next day to avoid fines by the vendor), and made both my husband and I feel like everything was going to be taken care of--and it was! I couldn't recommend Carley enough. Take advantage of their relationships with outside vendors, and don't be afraid to give them some room to use their creativity (they helped us build a cake stand out of tree stumps in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and it was a hit)! Overall, they are both kind, caring people that truly care about YOU and your special day.” -Katelyn


We first encountered Carley Event Consulting at a very small Bridal Fair in West Chester PA. I was at first skeptical, not understanding what a 'Day of Wedding Coordinator" would do that we couldn't. I quickly found out just what they would do. When my daughter moved away from home 6 months before her wedding, Carley was right there to help tie up some of the loose ends and as the wedding got closer, Carley made all the arrangements with the vendors. From the rehearsal in the church the nite before the wedding to the end of the reception, Carley took care of all the arrangements and details, allowing all of us to focus our attention on the celebration without the worry of who needed to be where, when, etc. I have one more daughter to be married and have already told Carley that we will hire them for that wedding as well, though I hope it won't be for a few years. - Janice


Carley was a dream to work with. She was quick to respond to my inquiry, enthusiastic about my event, completely in-tune with my vision for how I wanted to look, and ready and willing to jump on board the project and get things done. Carley found me solid solutions and great alternatives fast, and really made things happen...She was super to work with, and I am really hoping to have the chance to plan another event with her soon. 


“Ladies! If you're looking for a day-of coordinator look no further. Carley Event Consulting has been a dream to work with! My wedding is less than a month away but with their help, creativity, and organization I feel as though it's impossible to be a completely stressed out bride-zilla! They immediately caught on to my vision and have had a never-ending supply of ideas and vendors to support those ideas! They're flexible, efficient, and prompt. Can't wait to see our work at the big finale--I have every confidence in their abilities.” - Katelyn


"They have literally been my stress relief. They keep both my wedding vibe and the personality of myself and my fiance in mind when picking vendors! One more vendor down as of this week! Thanks guys!"  - Rachel




From Our Vendors 


...From our very first meeting at Panera back in September I have found them to be professional, organized, and prompt. They took the reins on a massive project with nothing but positive enthusiasm, and throughout the course of so many weeks and countless emails and phone calls on their end, they kept open communication with me and made sure I was informed of all my options, as well as any changes that may have come up. They were just as excited about the project as I was! Not only did I feel that they could take my vision and make it a reality, but they made the entire process so fun. 

I will never forget the moment when Carley and I were finishing up with the model and all of a sudden it hit both of us at the same time: We made this work. We took a crazy idea and knocked it right out of the park. We looked at the model, then looked at each other and at the exact same time squealed like a couple little school girls, ran to one another, and hugged. To me, this is the definition of an incredible partnership. When the vendor isn’t just there to do a job and leave, but rather ride that roller coaster of emotions with you, from beginning to end. And when that end result is everything you dreamed it would be, they are right there celebrating with you. I beg you, if you or anyone you know is planning an event and the details just keep piling up, please contact them. This kind and caring team truly care about what they do and it shows in every aspect of their work. - Juliana Laury Photography

As photographers, we are sometimes weary of having to work side-by-side with a wedding planner. At times, they can be inflexible when working with other wedding vendors. However, this was NOT the case with Carley Event Consulting. They were always kind, personal and professional. They communicated perfectly throughout the entire day, helping us to do our job well and making the day run smoothly for the couple. The Bride & Groom that we photographed LOVED them, and we would recommend them to anyone! - SweetPea Photography